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In a nutshell we’re passionate about empowering people and building next level workplace performance through leadership and culture consulting.

01. Empowering People

Our mission is to help you and your team be the best version of yourselves that you can be, so you can flourish, thrive and operate in your zone’s of genius.

02. Accountability

If we say it, if we do it, we own it.

Accountability breeds response-ability.
~Stephen R.Covey


03. performance

Individual, team, and organisational performance is our passion, we strive to make it your reality.



Rich Bennetts

Rich brings over 15 years’ real-world experience in leadership and management roles across a variety of sectors, making him well placed to share his knowledge and facilitation style to get you the results you need.

Rich has a strong focus on building positive, productive, performing teams; creating the environments in which people can flourish and thrive.

As a People, Capability and Culture consultant, Rich focuses on helping people develop practical skills based on their personal context. The ultimate goal is to enhance workplace culture, which in turn improves workplace wellbeing, performance and engagement. Rich create bespoke solutions based on your current situation and goals.

With a lived experience of mental illness, Rich has an in-depth understanding of the potential impacts a workplace that doesn’t create the right environment for people to succeed can have. Conversely, Rich also knows how an employer who supports their team can have a significant impact on not only workplace wellness but individual wellness as a whole.

With a passion for learning and an ability to turn my hand to anything, Rich has amassed an eclectic selection of qualifications, including:


  • Masters of Science majoring in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology
  • Certificate in Health and Wellbeing
  • Certificate in Bookkeeping
  • National Certificate in meat retailing with strands in boning (I am a qualified butcher by trade).

Irene Bennetts

Irene is a globally recognised and award-winning bookkeeping and virtual assistance expert who has successfully developed solutions across key areas for growth-driven entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on their goals, rather than their back-office operations.

Founder of Admin Army, which offers agile, proactive business support services, Irene has led her team to employ the most effective combination of personal connection and modern technological automation. 

With a number of “accolades” to her name, Irene considers her two greatest business successes to date to be spearheading the highly successful merge of Admin Army into the Streamline Business Group and the subsequent cohesive global culture she’s built with her rapidly expanding team.

Relationships are everything to Irene, and nothing makes her tick more than learning about and guiding other entrepreneurs and their business strategies.

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