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Cultivate high-performing teams who deliver results

Create a workplace culture that becomes your competitive advantage.

How? Through co-created immersive learning experiences using the latest technology that creates true transformation in people and teams.


grow & scale your business

Develop a workplace where your people are engaged, motivated and well.

If you’re not sure what it is that your organisation needs, but you know what you’re doing isn’t working, we can help. We focus on resolving root causes, not just treating the symptoms you’re experiencing.

A transformation specialist is on your team to build a practical course of action. Working with your people to build skills and teams that thrive in unstoppable change, and brings impactful results.





“the results i have seen are my own personal growth and confidence when applying learnings from rich to real world professional settings. i feel accomplished and empowered to speak to theories that rich has introduced me to”   –  brenda

the mentokc toolkit

How we can work together

Working with emergent practices and technology that work with the diverse ecosystems of today’s teams, we bring a vast toolkit to your workplace.

The mentokc team deep dive to work on root cause issues and co-create bespoke learning and development experiences that inspire people.

This is a journey of transformation together that builds capable people and teams to drive your organisation forward and create a culture that thrives in change.

“If it helps people, it helps business” ~ Leo Burnett

“i am constantly thinking of the team’s mental wellbeing now, and it is always in the forefront when having conversations with them. and also my own wellbeing, i’m more mindful of it now”   –  jade.

From Our Founder

Is it time for your organisation to step up?

In times of constant change, sometimes you don’t know what you need but you know what you have isn’t working the way you’d like it to. You’re experiencing disfunction, less than desirable results or you’re keen to invest in the wellness of your people and don’t know where to start.

Here’s where we come in…

We’re on a mission to help empower your people to become the best possible leaders they can be.

We don’t do cookie cutter, we come armed with our entire toolkit to build bespoke program for your unique organisation and people.

Investment in your wellness strategy has a 1:4 Return on Investment, and we think that’s a pretty solid return.

Let’s have a chat about what changes you’d like to start seeing in your ogranisation.


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