Competent, able leadership is considered to be the most crucial factor in the survival, success, and advancement of any organisation. This has been a truism from ancient times and still is true today.

There has been a vast mix of theories and concepts related to leadership across a broad spectrum. The expectations of those in leadership positions have certainly changed over time. Those same expectations will continue to change in an ever-changing world. As a leader, are you changing and evolving to keep up?

So, why invest in leadership training and development?

Improve performance and engagement

Having skilled, capable leadership will mean that you can get more out of your team. For the individual, leadership is about empowering, developing and growing your people to get more out of them than they had even thought possible, to go the extra mile willingly with a trusted guide.

For the team, actually working and operating as a team is imperative. So often the term ‘team’ is used as a rhetorical device by those in leadership roles to encourage performance. Who knows maybe a network or workgroup is better suitable for the tasks, vision and direction that is planned? As a quote that I remember states ‘leadership drives culture, culture drives performance’.

Improve profitability

In line with performance comes the impact on the bottom line. This is in no way shape or form a commentary on “cutting back” your staffing numbers. This is a commentary on the impact on having people operating in their zones of genius to their potential. Great leadership equals positive, productive, performing staff and amazing outcomes.


Leadership is about change, its about that vision and direction that you are setting. As the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated to us all things can and do change pretty quickly, even normally and even more so with worldwide events. As an organisation, this may have meant relooking at the systems that you have been using and moving to more cloud-based and tech-savvy ways of doing and being.

Whatever change is occurring be that restructuring your human capital or introducing a new client relationship management system, your leadership are the ones that are going drive the changes and have the conversations with people to achieve the strategic goals.

Why invest in leadership training? The harsh reality is that there are so many negative impacts of poor leadership that will have massive and costly implications for your organisation. These can be seen through staff attrition, poor engagement, staff dissatisfaction, customer dissatisfaction and poor culture. The real question becomes how can you not invest in leadership development?

Is it time to invest more in your organisation’s leadership? Be that training or development? Get in touch today to see how mentokc can help you on this journey.