Do you remember a time when your mom told you not to touch the stove because you’d get burnt? You probably believed her, never daring to lay a finger on it. That was a limiting belief that protected you (and your fingers) from a sizzling rendezvous with Mr. Stove. But what if some of the other beliefs you’ve been carrying around are not as protective, but rather like that annoying party guest who keeps spilling drinks on your new rug? Yep, we’re talking about self-limiting beliefs, the uninvited crashers of your mental party.

Take a stroll down the winding alleys of your mind, and you’ll likely stumble upon beliefs like “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t possibly do that.” These thoughts, as common as Kardashians on social media, have a sneaky way of shaping our lives for the worse. They are like those pesky pop-up ads that keep showing up while you’re binge-watching your favourite series, disrupting your flow and enjoyment.

Overcoming these self-limiting beliefs is not as difficult as making a soufflé rise. Imagine if you could hit the ‘mute’ button on those nagging voices, or better yet, replace them with a montage of your favourite motivational movie scenes. That, my friends, is more or less what we’re going for.

It’s time to say goodbye to self-limiting beliefs and hello to a more confident, motivated, and positive version of yourself. How, you ask? Enter the wonderful world of Functional Imagery Training (FIT). It’s not your typical gym workout, but believe me, it can do wonders for your mental muscles.

In this journey, we’ll also delve into the mysterious realm of our values, the guiding North Star that helps us prioritise our life goals. We’ll learn to fine-tune our senses, the normal five and their two friends’ emotion and motion.

Fasten your mental seatbelts! You’re about to embark on a journey to rewrite your mental script, turning self-doubt into self-confidence and fear into motivation. So, grab your popcorn, and let’s get started. This is going to be one heck of a show!


The Power of Functional Imagery Training (FIT) in Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs


If you’re like me, you’ve spent approximately 93% of your life daydreaming. Maybe it’s about becoming the fifth member of your favourite band or kicking the winning penalty in the World Cup final (Hi there Beaver!), even though you haven’t played Rugby since primary school. What if I told you that these daydreams, these incredibly vivid mental movies, can be harnessed to kick your self-limiting beliefs to the curb? Enter Functional Imagery Training (FIT), like a cinematic superhero ready to swoop in and save the day.

Now, you might be asking, “What is FIT?” and “Is it going to require me to do more lunges?” Rest easy, my friends. No lunges are required. FIT is a brilliant concept that takes our natural proclivity for imagination and daydreaming and directs it towards positive outcomes. It’s like having your own personal Tony Robbins living inside your head, motivating you to turn your dreams into reality.

So how does FIT do this? Well, it’s like a master locksmith that gets inside your head, unlocks your motivations, and uses them to create a new, positive narrative. If your current internal narrative is a B-grade horror movie filled with negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs, FIT has the power to turn it into an inspirational underdog story, with you as the triumphant hero.

A Mental Jetpack anyone?

Using FIT is like strapping on a mental jetpack and rocketing towards your goals. You start by vividly picturing your motivation – the thing you want most. Maybe it’s nailing that job interview or hitting your fitness goals. Then, you focus on that image, adding in multisensory details to make it as real as possible. You don’t just see yourself acing the interview, you feel the firm handshake, hear the sound of your confident voice, and smell the scent of success (which, in my mind, smells suspiciously like fresh-baked cookies).

Don’t just passively observe this movie. Get in there! Be the star! That’s the real power of FIT. It’s not just about seeing a positive outcome, it’s about immersing yourself in it so fully that your brain starts to believe it’s possible. Like Neo in The Matrix, once you can bend the spoon with your mind, you realise there is no spoon. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself.

Look, overcoming negative beliefs is like trying to beat Darth Vader at a lightsaber duel. It’s tough. But FIT gives you the training you need to come out on top. Whether you’re using it to boost your confidence, overcome fears, or achieve your goals – FIT is like having your very own Yoda whispering wise counsel in your ear. Makes a great addition to your self-care routine.

So start daydreaming with purpose. Let your mind run wild, but make sure it’s galloping towards your goals. Remember, FIT isn’t about dreaming your life, it’s about living your dream. You’ve been given the keys to a mental Lamborghini, my friends. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal.


Understanding Our Values and the Tie into Self-Limiting Beliefs


Imagine yourself as a contestant on a reality show, let’s say “Values Survivor”. Your challenge: to identify your personal values in a world oversaturated with options. Choosing your values is like sorting through your wardrobe. You have to decide which ones fit you best and which ones should be tossed out. It’s like deciding between a pair of skinny jeans that promises to give you that sleek look and a comfy pair of sweatpants that makes you feel like you’re in a perpetual hug.

Values are the guiding stars in the constellation of our lives, the essence of our ‘why’. They help us to prioritise our goals, just as your smartphone’s GPS helps you navigate through the traffic-clogged urban jungle. When you’re clear about what you value most, you can make choices that align with these. It’s like knowing that you value comfort over fashion, so you confidently don the sweatpants and strut down your living room runway.

Getting Clear on Values

How do we get clarity on our values? The answer: by asking ourselves some tough questions. Imagine you’re in a gritty detective movie, and you’re the hard-boiled detective grilling yourself in the interrogation room. “What truly matters to you?” you might demand, slamming your fist on the table for effect. “What would you stand up for, even if it meant standing alone?” The spotlight is on you, the room is silent except for the slow, dramatic tick-tock of the clock. These questions, while difficult, can help us peel back the layers and identify our genuine values.

But wait, there’s more! Just like an infomercial host revealing an unexpected bonus, I’m about to drop another reality-bomb on you. It’s not enough to merely identify these values, you’ve got to prioritise them too. Assigning rankings to your values is akin to rearranging your playlist – deciding which tracks belong at the top and which ones can be skipped. Jot down your top five values, these are the ‘greatest hits’ of your life, the songs you’d want to play on repeat.

Prioritising your values isn’t a one-and-done kind of deal, it’s more like a season finale cliffhanger. Your values might change as you grow and evolve, like characters in a long-running TV series. So, keep checking in with yourself, re-evaluating and re-prioritising as necessary.

Understanding your values is fundamental to overcoming self-limiting beliefs. It’s the difference between being stuck in a rerun of your past and being the star of your own future episodes. Your values are your script, your storyline, the plot twists and turns that make your journey unique and compelling. So, grab your metaphorical remote, and let’s start tuning into the values channel!


Enhancing Our Senses to Change our Self-limiting Beliefs


“Alright bubble wrap fans, it’s time to talk senses. But we’re not stopping at the classic five. Nope, we’re cranking it up to a full-blown five – taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, plus two special guests emotion, and motion. Yes, that’s right, emotion and motion have been added to this sensory party, and boy do they know how to have a good time.

So, what’s the big deal about these senses? Well, in the grand soap opera that is our life, these seven senses are the lead characters. They’re the ones stirring up emotions, driving actions and ultimately, shaping our reality. Like Luke Skywalker harnessing the power of the Force, we too can harness the power of our senses to create a positive picture of our future.

How, you ask? Picture this: You’re in a bakery, the smell of fresh bread wafts through the air. You hear the soft crunch as the baker slices into a loaf, you see the steam rise from the warm bread, you touch the crusty exterior, and finally, you taste the delicious, soft bread. Imagery is powerful, right? Now apply that to visualising the best version of yourself. Smell the confidence, hear the sound of your success, feel the sensation of achieving your goals, taste the sweet victory.

The Inner DJ

But how do we switch the sensory channel from ‘doom and gloom’ to ‘sunshine and rainbows’? This is where our inner DJ comes in. We use cues to help us switch the records. It could be as simple as taking a deep breath or tapping your wrist three times. Like Harry Potter summoning his Patronus, these cues help activate positive imagery and get you into the rhythm of success.

Let’s not forget our special guests, emotion and motion. Emotion is like the movie score, setting the tone and intensity of the scene. And boy, doesn’t the triumphant swell of music make Rocky’s victory that much sweeter? Similarly, motion is like a dance, guiding our movements and decisions. It’s like a waltz with life where we lead with positivity and optimism.

So, team, it’s time to don your sensory superhero cape. Enhancing your seven senses isn’t just about making the world more vibrant. It’s about tuning into your own personal frequency of success, creating a vivid multisensory image of your potential and inviting the best version of you to the party. So, what are you waiting for? The disco ball is sparkling, the music is pumping, and your future is ready to hit the dance floor!”


Thinking of Best-Case Scenarios


Let’s kick it into high gear, ladies and gents, and dive into the world of best-case scenarios. Imagine for a moment, you’re Harry Potter, standing before the Mirror of Erised, gazing at your heart’s deepest desires. You see yourself, but not just any version of yourself. It’s you, glowing with confidence, standing tall, and absolutely crushing it at life. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Now, some might say that’s just wishful thinking, like hoping to win lotto or expecting to be selected by the AB’s. But here’s the delightful twist – imagining the best-case scenario isn’t just about daydreaming. It’s about creating empowering multisensory images of what you could be – the best version of yourself.

Think of it as the ultimate Marvel superhero montage. You know the one, where the hero is training, growing, and evolving, all set to an epic score? That’s what we’re doing here. You’re not just passively watching a daydream play out. You’re actively creating a vivid, multisensory image, much like Doctor Strange manipulating the Eye of Agamotto to see multiple future outcomes.

This isn’t about dreaming you’re the next Elon Musk (maybe dreaming about not Changing Twitter to X) or Beyoncé. It’s about picturing a version of yourself that’s confident, capable and positively radiant. You’re not becoming someone else; You’re becoming the best version of you, like Clark Kent stepping out of the phone booth as Superman.

Make it Happen

But how do we make this happen? Well, that’s where good old FIT comes back into play. Remember how it taps into our motivations and helps us craft a vivid, positive image of the future? That’s what we’ll be using here. But instead of facing off against a villain, we’re battling our self-limiting beliefs.

Imagine yourself, standing tall and confident. Feel the energy coursing through you. Hear the applause and the cheers. Smell the success. Taste it. Really immerse yourself in this multisensory picture you’ve created. Now, every time you come up against a roadblock or a challenge, tap into this imagery. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you’ve had the power all along. It’s just about learning how to use it.

So, in the grand tradition of Yoda from Star Wars, I say this to you: “Do or do not. There is no try.” Start thinking in terms of best-case scenarios. Start imagining yourself as the confident, capable person you want to be. It might feel a bit like playing make-believe at first, but remember, even the greatest stories start with a single idea. Keep practising, keep imagining, and watch as your self-limiting beliefs begin to crumble. This is your story. You’re the hero. And it’s time for you to write your best-case scenario.


Achieving Progress


Achieving progress is like being a contestant on a game show where the stakes are high, and every correct answer moves you closer to the grand prize. But just like in a game show, we don’t always have the right answer, and we often get the dreaded buzzer sound for a wrong guess. The key, however, is not to let the fear of the buzzers or the incorrect guesses deter us from pressing on. After all, the more we play, the better we get at the game (unless it’s Jeopardy, then all bets are off!).

Measuring progress can be tricky, but think of it as watching a Marvel movie in slow motion. You notice the tiny details, the nuances of every character, the way the story unfolds little by little. Each scene contributes to the overall masterpiece. Similarly, every small win, every positive image we conjure, every time we challenge a self-limiting belief, we are inching closer to our version of a Marvel-esque victory.

You see, progress isn’t always linear, just like a Quentin Tarantino film. Sometimes it’s messy, bounced around out of order, and even a bit bloody. But in the end, it all comes together in a way that makes sense. So, if you’re feeling like you’re stuck in the Kill Bill phase of your journey, remember that the Pulp Fiction stage is just around the corner.

Imagine it

Now, let’s talk about imagination. Remember when you were a kid and imagined being an astronaut, or a fairy princess, or maybe Batman? It was fun, right? It was pure, unfiltered joy and it made anything seem possible. Well, guess what? It’s time to channel your inner kid and let your imagination run wild once again. Visualise your success, envision overcoming your limitations. It will not only make the journey fun, but it will also make the finish line seem that much closer.

Achieving progress is not a straight path. It’s a roller-coaster ride, filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, and maybe even a few loop-de-loops. But with a clear sense of your values, a dash of FIT, a sprinkle of sensory activation, and a healthy dollop of imagination, you’ll find yourself turning those self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling successes. So buckle up, my friend, because you’re on the ride of your life.




We’ve reached the end of our cinematic journey. The final scene, where the hero – that’s you, by the way – stands at the top of a mountain, overlooking all the challenges conquered and lessons learned. We went deep into the realm of self-limiting beliefs, those pesky little gremlins that whisper doubts and fears into our ear, like Darth Vader trying to coax us over to the dark side of the Force. Not to mention the exploration of how these beliefs shape our lives, and more importantly, how to wield the lightsaber of positivity to cut through them.

We’ve ventured into the metaphorical Matrix of our mind with Functional Imagery Training (FIT). It’s like a mental workout regime, pumping iron for your beliefs and attitudes. FIT harnesses the power of multisensory imagery and flips the script on our motivations, casting them in the leading role of our personal blockbuster. It’s the movie director in our brain, allowing us to vividly imagine and live our future in Technicolor rather than dreary black and white.

Remember those top five values we discussed? Those are your Infinity Stones, your Excalibur, the secret sauce to your goals. Prioritising them empowers you to make vital decisions, like choosing a Hogwarts House or picking which Friends character you most identify with. The point is, knowing your values helps you understand what drives your narrative forward.

The ole Five Plus Two

And then there’s our five senses. Taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, plus their two friends’ emotion, and motion – our very own Avengers team. We’ve discovered how to use them to create a positive future, like a Marvel comic artist sketching a new superhero. We’ve practised techniques to activate positive imagery, like taking a deep breath or tapping our wrist three times. It’s like a secret superhero signal, summoning a more confident, empowered version of ourselves.

We’ve also learned the importance of imagining the best-case scenario, like daydreaming about being the next American Idol or winning lotto. We’ve spoken about the power of creating positive, empowering images of ourselves and how to redirect our mind towards them. It’s like having the mental agility of Spiderman, swinging through the high-rises of negativity and self-doubt towards a skyscraper of positivity and potential.

Finally, we’ve focused on the journey, not just the destination. Measuring progress isn’t about reaching the finish line. It’s about recognising how far you’ve come from the starting blocks. It’s about staying motivated, keeping our imagination fired up, and continually striving for success.

So, there it is. We’ve hopped, skipped, and cartwheeled through the landscape of self-limiting beliefs, picking up tools and strategies along the way to conquer them. Like Frodo and Sam in Lord of the Rings, we’ve journeyed through some challenging terrain, but we’ve come out the other side, stronger, wiser, and ready to take on the world. The next step? Use this newfound wisdom to rewrite your story, replace those self-limiting beliefs with empowering ones, and go forth as the hero of your own epic tale.