What does your organisational culture look like?

You sit in your workplace thinking about all the tasks there are to be completed, everything is progressing, your organisation is scaling, you have a growing team, but why are you busier now than ever before?

There’s a negative feeling in the team and although people are coming to work, they don’t seem engaged, more like they are going through the motions.

Let’s turn that around and make it positive, productive and performing!

What are we talking about here? Workplace culture or organisational culture: the fancy definition being the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation.

There is a little bit to unpack here so let’s simplify the definition into the what, why and how things are done in your organisation.

A great analogy is that organisational culture is like a group of people starting to sing a song a bus, during the course of the journey the bus is stopping and people are getting on and off but the song continues (it’s a really long song!).

How do you improve organisational culture?

In order to change the culture we need to understand the culture, sometimes when you are stuck in the doing its hard to see the wood for the trees. An objective view gives the ability to capture the good stuff that’s occurring and the not so good stuff that will need to shift and change.

Having captured those underlying ways of being, the next step is to ask:

  • What is your desired state?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your organisational direction?
  • What is your organisational purpose and greater meaning to what you do?

To shift the culture we need to know what we are working to when we embark on the journey.

Here’s the thing about organisations, they are exceptionally interesting as they are full of people and people are exceptionally interesting in themselves. All of the fabulous work done in going on a journey and having a destination means nothing if people don’t want to come with you!

It starts at the top

You need to get the team to buy into the culture, even better they are a part of the journey of co-creation.

The hard part is creating awareness and developing a shared understanding and belief. The best way to achieve this is using the people you have in senior leadership roles to communicate and support people through the process. The biggest influencers/influence that you have on organisational culture is leadership.

Once you have shifted the culture it’s a positive, productive, performing work environment!

You have nothing to do now but relax, put your feet up and have a coffee… not quite! You’ll need to continually monitor it, make sure that you are reinforcing the bits that are going really well, instilling accountability throughout the team.

Sound like you’re developing a migraine? Have no fear we are here to help and be your guide in empowering people and making your organisation the best darn organisation it can be. We really enjoy what we do and we would love to be a part of creating amazing things.

Get in touch with the mentokc team today to discuss how we can help you develop a positive, productive, performing organisation.