The traditional workplace has had quite an evolution in the last few years.

With everything that came along with a global pandemic, we were all forced to embrace a new way of working and flexibility became an essential aspect of continued business success.

So, now that our eyes have been opened to new ideas and innovations, where will that take us in 2022?

There are some really exciting advancement opportunities that can help you empower your team and transform your business.

Let’s look into the basics that every organisation needs to create a high performing team and how you can use learning and development to supercharge your results.


Learning & Development Is The Key To Building High Performing Teams


What Is A High Performing Team?

No company wants an unproductive or slack workforce. So, many organisations strive to have a team that performs highly in all areas of business. Of course, that sounds great on paper, but what does that really mean in your organisation?

It should mean that every person shares a collective vision and operates in accordance with your core company values. It’s important to remember that there is only so much an individual can achieve by themselves. Which is why having an entire team working towards a collective goal can be so powerful.

Of course, to be high performing, your team will have a strong set of skills at their disposal. They will also be excellent problem-solvers and communicators, collaborating to achieve consistent and superior results.

Pretty impressive stuff. So, how do you make sure you build this high performing super team?


Building A Better Team

There are some key things you can focus on to build a high performing team. They are:


The core of a high performing team is the people that make it up. So, you need to ensure you have the right people in the right roles, all situated within the right structure. Your team sizes should be big enough to cover the core functions required, but not so big that it hampers decision making and progress.

Finally, once you have a stable team established, you need to make sure that the stability remains by looking after the members within the team.

Great Dynamics

Great dynamics and culture are essential to creating a team that will perform well. Not only should your team share strong core values, but they should have aligning communication styles. This allows them to work collaboratively towards a common goal and deal with issues as they arise.

Knowing they will win together keeps motivation high and progress flowing.

Open Communication

If your team members don’t feel like they can openly communicate with their colleagues then you won’t get the best out of them. It could cost you valuable insight or ideas. However, if there is an environment where open communication is encouraged then it allows for ongoing innovation and problem solving.

Clear Goals

If your team don’t have clear goals to work towards, how can you expect them to make progress? Setting measurable goals that fall in with your company’s common values will ensure your team are motivated and energised to achieve them. Rewards and recognition never go astray either, as they help with maintaining energy levels and efficiency.


Prioritising Learning And Development

Perhaps the most important factor of a high performing team is prioritising learning and development. Continuous learning helps your entire team navigate through knowledge gaps, missing skills, and the constant evolution of technology and business practices.

Of course, your team members will have plenty of their own knowledge to share with their colleagues. But, you also want to ensure you make formalised learning a priority.

Why? Well, we can almost guarantee that your team is ready to learn. New Zealanders have become agile and flexible workers, always looking for the best way to do things. We can only gain that new knowledge by focusing on learning.

Your team dynamic might look completely different to what it was even 2 years ago, some could be working remotely or splitting their time between home and the office. You can keep everyone on the same page, regardless of location, with a comprehensive learning programme. You’ll also satisfy a global need to enjoy work and have a role that truly stimulates the worker.

Learning and development helps you to reinforce the cultural attributes of the team that will allow them to continue achieving at a high level. Invest in programmes that maximise strong leadership skills, great communication, and empowering employees.


A New Kind Of Learning And Development

Let’s face it, traditional learning and development doesn’t have the best reputation. Sitting around a board room table with a presenter running through an endless series of slides is no one’s idea of effective learning!

Fortunately, that kind of learning is old news. With so many fantastic tools at our disposal, learning can be a fun and empowering experience. Technology advancements like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) allow your team to learn in real-time and in lifelike circumstances.

Both VR and AR provide great learning opportunities to enhance soft skills like workplace communication and inclusive leadership. You can utilise existing programmes or author your own training content via agile software.

It’s an exciting space as the options are almost endless and continually evolving. Imagine if your HR team could practice conflict resolution in a non-threatening environment, or if your managers could hone the way they communicate with each other and their direct reports. Imagine what could be possible!


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