Virtual Reality (VR) is all about gaming and fun – right?

Well, yes – but not only that. While VR is relatively new in NZ, it is growing in popularity as a business resource all around the world.

This is in part thanks to COVID-19. As it has done for many other aspects of our work life, COVID, with its accompanying lockdowns and remote working, has kicked VR well ahead into the future. It has sped up the adoption of this exciting area of tech in business.

At work, VR has shown its true value in a post-COVID world.


How could this uber cool technology benefit your business?

Well, like Jamiroquai said all the way back in the 90s, the future is made of virtual insanity. So, let’s explore how it can impact the future of your organisation.


How Virtual Reality Could Benefit Your Organisation

Virtual Reality In the Workplace

You’ve likely seen someone wearing a VR headset and waving their hands around as if they were in a sword fight, ninja demonstration, or some other goofy game situation.

But, VR goes beyond that world and can add real value to your business. And it can do it without any sign of sword fighting or ninja costumes.

Here at mentokc, we guide Kiwi organisations in their use of forward-thinking technology like VR and Augmented Reality (AR) to help them create effective learning and development experiences. We help them discover what they could achieve using VR.

VR is fun – and it can be tempting to grab on to tech trends at work just because they’re new and exciting. That’s fine – but you do need to have specific goals for how you’d like to use VR to get the most out of your investment.


How Could You Use VR?

VR has broad application potential at work. It can support health and safety initiatives, deliver real-world training scenarios (minus the risk) and provide a more engaging way to learn. Consider these different applications of VR that might benefit your team.

  • Gamification of training: boost enthusiasm and provide more memorable learning. Make the onboarding process more fun! Teach practical skills in a realistic setting, such as following a sales process or operating machinery before staff do it “for real”.
  • Soft skills development: work on active listening, inclusive leadership and conflict resolution in a low-stakes environment. Ask the mentokc team about Bodyswaps!
  • Health and safety for hazardous environments: Train workers (even offsite) before they encounter any real risk – put them into virtual hazardous environments or have them perform high-risk tasks virtually first.
  • Collaborate: COVID-induced changes to the ways we work may be here to stay. How do we collaborate effectively when we’re all remote? The immersive technology of VR can make your team feel as if they’re together instead of looking at each other’s pixelated faces on a flat computer screen.
  • A new way to wellbeing: with VR, you can provide your team with the opportunity to decompress and explore wellbeing outcomes. How? The immersive nature of VR is an incredible way to help shut senses down and retraining your team on how to switch off.

How could VR help your specific business do things better? mentokc can help you answer this question.


Consider Which VR Tech Will Suit You Best

The mentokc team can talk you through your VR technology options. Brands such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Pico and HTC are leading the industry with a range of systems that they’re always improving.

When adopting VR, your choices are generally:

  • VR headsets that connect to smartphones or tablets
  • Standalone VR headsets or devices run by VR-enabled computers

You’ll also need to consider tethered vs untethered VR devices: Untethered devices offer the advantage of the user being able to move freely and not be reliant on any other devices for operation.

Not sure what you need? Don’t worry. mentokc is all over developments in the industry, so let us help you decide which VR system to adopt.


Ready To Go Virtual?

Here are some tips to ensure you’ll benefit from introducing VR in your organisation.

  • Consider working with the experts at Mentokc to tailor a Virtual Reality solution that meets the needs and goals of your own unique business.
  • Think about multi-use solutions to maximise your investment in VR. The Mentokc team can help you discover a blended solution that works for your business.
  • Get buy-in from key stakeholders for top-down support. Again, Mentokc can help you communicate with those who call the shots in your organisation to reveal the potential benefits of VR for the entire business.

Ready to introduce VR in your organisation, and want to ensure you get it right? Mentokc is all about applying technology to benefit workplaces – contact us today to begin your VR journey.


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