When it comes to running an organisation, your team are your most valuable asset.

After all, you wouldn’t be able to get anything done without them.

So, it stands to reason that you want to look after them as best you can. And a large part of that is focusing on creating an environment that supports employee wellbeing.

What does that environment look like and how can you create it?

Let’s explore the tools you can use to promote good employee wellbeing at your workplace.

Why Employee Wellbeing Is A Valuable Investment

What Is Employee Wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing refers to the state of an employee’s mental and physical health, resulting from dynamics both internal and external to the workplace.

Factors that contribute towards employee wellbeing include the relationships they have with their colleagues, use of tools and resources, larger business decisions that affect them and their work, and many other work related aspects.

Having a focus on good employee wellbeing makes your workplace an attractive one to work at.

Why Is It Important?

Caring for wellbeing in the workplace is crucial for a number of reasons. Aside from the fact it is a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2003, as an employer who cares about your team, you’ll want to ensure that your team are happy and healthy in the workplace.

It also helps that it’s good for business. When people have good workplace wellbeing they are more productive, they take less sick leave and they are more likely to remain in their jobs for longer. Overall, it’s all round positive news for your organisation.

It’s also great for your people. The landscape of the workplace is changing. It’s no longer a place you turn up to in order to collect a paycheck. Employees are becoming really invested in the places they work and if they feel somewhere is not good for their wellbeing, they are likely to leave.

True Benefits To Your Business

Is investing in employee wellbeing really going to grow your business? We believe so. Here are some time-proven benefits for investing in the wellbeing of your people.

Increased Productivity

Employee wellbeing boosts productivity and performance. When feeling well and content, employees display healthier behaviours and better decision-making.

Higher team morale

Your team will feel more capable, competent and valued when their needs are met at all levels, including physical, mental, and financial.

Access Better talent

When your company has a good reputation as an employer who respects and supports work-life balance, you’re more likely to attract skilled candidates and retain your existing employees for longer periods.

Improved customer outcomes

Happy employees are your best brand ambassadors. If you treat them well, that positive energy will pass on to your customers. Invested employees are also motivated to understand how your products and services will best serve customer needs.

5 Steps To Prioritising Wellbeing At Work

How can you ensure wellbeing is a priority at your workplace? Well, New Zealand’s Mental Health Foundation has developed Five Ways to Wellbeing that will help. They are:

1. Connect

Talking and listening are key factors of good communication. By being there for your team and colleagues you will help foster greater connection. On top of being an active communicator, ensure you speak up when you need to, and listen to others.

2. Give

Giving is a huge part of creating a great team environment. So, as a manager and a part of the team, give your time, your knowledge, and your mindful presence – an important part of connecting!

3. Take notice

Give credit where credit is due, celebrate your own achievements and take time to celebrate the little things that bring happiness in your day. Don’t forget to ground yourself in the present moment so you aren’t always rushing to the next thing or dwelling on past incidents.

4. Keep learning

Learning and development should always be a priority in the workplace. By giving your team the opportunity to develop their skills, they will feel motivated and empowered. This is great for their overall wellbeing.

5. Be active

Keeping the body active keeps the mind moving also. So, find ways to encourage getting active. Remind your team to take breaks both throughout the day and as holiday leave.

While all of these aspects are important for good employee wellbeing, we think connection and learning are particularly crucial. And this is exactly where we can help you and your team.


mentokc specialises in supporting Kiwi companies to grow, transition through change, work better together and improve culture and performance. All of these are areas of crucial focus to help you achieve whole team wellbeing.

How do we do it? All by applying clever, new (and fun!) technologies.

How mentokc’s Technology-Based Approach Can Help

The modern workplace is already powered by technology, so why shouldn’t your learning and development programme take advantage of the latest technology also?

At mentokc, we don’t just talk you through things. We’re passionate about applying Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) technology to make real change. This allows us to create immersive learning experiences to foster true transformation in people and teams.

By using these innovative technologies, you can provide great learning opportunities in the soft skills/human skills space, such as workplace communication and inclusive leadership.

There are a number of different software options available which enable you to author your own content or used predesigned VR programmes. The options are almost endless, and continually evolving.

Work On Wellbeing In A Different Way

It may feel like technology and employee wellbeing don’t necessarily fit together. Luckily, mentokc make it work for you. We combine a humanistic approach with tech and will never allow ourselves (or you!) to get trapped in bureaucratic thinking on your journey to workplace wellbeing improvement.

We’re all about creating coaching conversations and using technology to aid better learning, better relationships and improved communication within Kiwi workplaces. Improved wellbeing and mental health in the workplace work is right at the heart of what we do. We believe it’s something that you need to focus on at your organisation, and we’ll help you do it.

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