Leadership is about inspiring, stimulating, and influencing others to follow your vision of what the future could be. 

Here are the three secrets that will make you stand out as a leader. 

3 Secrets That Will Make You Stand Out as a Leader

Secret #1: Show You Care

You cannot influence others if they don’t relate to you or if they don’t like you. It is the number one rule of relationship building. We are talking about the love of your work, love of helping others, and love of who you are.  

To be a leader of others, you have to create a connection with your people. You have to show them that you care about who they are. That means you have to be vulnerable and show that you trust them.

Expressing care and concern means not only showing people that you are their leader, but also part of the team. That you are like them and that your greatest wish is that they learn, develop and grow. Being part of the team means being available for your people when they need you.  

Secret #2: Role Model Excellence 

You cannot influence people if you are mediocre in what you do. You cannot inspire people if they are more driven than you. It’s incredibly difficult to bring people where you have not been. 

To be excellent is to do things to the point where people say to themselves, “This person is pretty cool, I want to be like them. It means that you can become the best version of yourself in what you do.”  

Secret #3: Support Excellence 

Make your team look good. You won’t influence people if they know you can’t help them grow and be. If you are not a mentor to them who they can rely on, they will not see you as a leader. 

Setting The Example

Successful business leaders recognize the importance of setting the vibe of their organisation, its culture and most importantly, its employees. Leadership is always evolving and changing. What works for you one day, might not be what your organisation needs the next.

Inspiring your team can transform their lives and the lives of those you serve. Leadership increases personal growth. This growth results in a more positive self-identity and a more positive organisational outlook.

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